Next Generation INTRAGAM

Company Behind INTRAGAM P

CSL Limited biotechnology company based in Melbourne Australia with global presences and main markets in the USA, EUROPE and Asia-Pacific.  CSL is  a Market leader in bio-pharmaceutical products that treat patients with seriously ill and life threatening medical condition relates to blood disorder diseases.

CSL Limited carries out R&D, manufacturing and marketing their product range globally. CSL in conjunction with Australian Red Cross, plasma collected from Australian voluntary, non-remunerated donors manufacture and distributes its products to the Australian market.


Plasma collected in overseas collecting centers mainly USA and Europe are manufactured and distributed within the USA and Europe and some blood donations are collected overseas send over to CSL manufacturing facility in Melbourne for processing and final product delivers back to overseas markets.




INTRAGM P is a immunoglobulin product that contains blood proteins for intravenous use. Product is used to treat patients  that need to antibodies for the immune system to protect against infections and autoimmune disorders.


Product Life cycle

It is hard to imagine a product in such a nature will one day reached to declining phase. Well INTRAGAM P hasn’t reached to declining phase, but it has gone pass the growth and now sitting at the maturity stage.

What will be the options for CSL at this stage for a product like INTRAGAM P to stay ahead of the competition?.  Products entering the Australian market through competitors such as KIOVIG 10% form Baxter AG in Austria  and OCTAGAM® 10% Octapharma Produktionsges.m.b.H from France.

Price reduction and increase distribution for the current product or to improve the current product outline as some options for CSL.

Product Improvement ⇔ Price Reduction ⇔  Increase Distribution

Product Improvement

How far the technology can take you or what will be the limit on the technology to improve a product in such a nature and the cost associated with carrying out product development.

Top scientist and researches at CSL research center know as Bio 21 manage to overcome this challenge by enhancing the product resulting shorter infusion time from 2.52 hours to 1.75 hours saving 45 minutes.  This innovation provided better benefits to patients and to the Doctors who treats this patients.   Next generation of INTRAGAM was born and it was called “INTRAGAM 10 NF”.

Shift from Expected Product to Augmented Product

INTRAGAM P can be categories as expected product on the product hierarchy, it provided with minimal purchase condition by having required blood proteins for uplift the immune system.

Through product improvement INTRAGAM 10 NF become more of an augmented product it increased customer basic expectations by providing a benefit of reducing 45 minutes infusion time.

Future for Both INTRAGAM P and INTRAGAM 10 NF

INTRAGAM P will remain in the market until such time INTRAGAM 10 NF replace the market fully and consumner shift to new product.



House Of Brand Approach By CSL Limited

CSL introduce new brand name for each and every product they introduce to the marketplace.

Brand name for new products is not associated with company name rather compliment from each other, having a large presence for the product branding and positioning from company branding.




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