It’s All About APPLE!

What makes Apple unique, loveable and well known? I’ll tell you why, it’s the Brand itself!

Known for producing quality products such as iPhone, iPads, Apple watch, iMac, Apple TV and softwares, the branding strategy of Apple is what makes the Company successful and one of the leading world-wide brand companies.

Apple Products:

A product is defined simply as a good or service used by the firm to provide customers with benefits (Iacobucci, 2014). I am one happy customer that loves Apple products as a result of its features and functions.

Value-added offerings

Take the iMac example, people buy into the Brand’s value-added services. What does it mean? Apple had made it possible to turn the ordinary PCs into something beautiful. The company has been pioneering not only the features of standard operating systems and computer systems, but reinventing the design standards to differentiate their products from competitors.

Product sales

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.49.02 am

Figure 1 showcase Apple’s unit sales worldwide by product segment recorded from 2012 to 2016. The three main products identified are iPhone, iPad and iMac. The graph shows a strong link to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty providing the increase in sales of Apple over four years. This reflects highly on customer satisfaction for the product and brand itself.

What makes Apple Stronger?

Criticism is a major contributing factor in building Apple a stronger brand and image. Following several audits of suppliers, it was found that Apple had been criticised for the way workers in its supply chain have been treated. This has encouraged the Company to improve on working conditions at the factories.

The Brand: Apple

Branding is more than a name or symbol but it also signals to the outside world of marketing that a product or service has been stamped with a mark of a company.

As the leading company in design and innovation, Apple Inc. is identified by its logo of an apple image with a bite that was implemented so people would recognise the image instead of a berry.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.47.51 am

Apple products has overall gained customers approval for being reliable and predictable in quality for many years which has further made the Brand name stronger. This image further makes customer’s decision-making far easier. There is less perceived risk associated with the Brand (Iacobucci, 2014).

Brand Personality

As a proven international brand, we find more people willing to buy apple products without hesitation and that is mainly due to quality and personality of the brand. People are comfortable to use apple because it looks great and has many functions available in one device.

The Apple brand personality is linked to cultural and economically technology power that is based on people’s perceptions and a passion to buy. Customers are inspired to buy because of the idea behind modern technology and its latest functions that differentiate Apple from the likes of Samsung.

Brand Extensions

A Brand Extension involves extending a successful brand name to launch a new product, either in the same product category or in a different line.

Apple’s success in brand extensions has proven that emotional connection with their customers can give greater self-determination to extend the brand. With every new product development that Apple creates, the common software that links all of its products together is iTunes. The Brand ensures that customers are comfortable with its new products that helps reduce risk of failure but to build on its recognition and reputation.

 Line Extensions

Line extension involves extending the existing brand names to new forms, sizes and colours of an existing product category under the same brand name. For example, Apple launched their iPhones from different categories starting from iPhone 2g to now iPhone 6+ or similarly with its Apple watch from classics to sports edition.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.45.51 am


Several research also explored the personal relationship between a brand and its customers which include factors such as commitment and passion.

My family are passionate about the Apple Brand only because we trust the product that it works and also the quality is made to last longer. Our relationship towards the brand has become somewhat very loyal towards Apple that any new version introduced, we believe is a real upgrade to the current product itself.

Apple New Products:

Apple will always introduce new and upgraded products due to its corporate pride of having a consistent and innovative image relating to its Brand. Secondly they continue to attract and satisfy customers with new product developments with the continuous trend of macro-environment changes. What it means is that consumer tastes, preferences and cultural aspect changes over time.

Commitment to Clean Energy

 With new product development follow a huge dedication by Apple by announcing its environmental progress in China where 14 final assembly sites are now committed to 100% renewable energy. The company is again at the forefront of leading world companies by showing the world that any company can manufacture responsibly by working alongside its suppliers to help lower environmental impact.

Posted by: Alberta Malielegaoi – 215419386


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