Battle of the Brands: It’s Game on!

By Ashley Fowler Student ID:215390465

Brand logo

Lets face it, branding is everywhere! And if you think it’s not, think again!

Take your Sunday afternoon stroll through the grocery store for example. What do you see as you peruse the isle seamlessly looking for your favorite shampoo or that new toothpaste you are so keen on trying?  You see familiar packaging, logos and names that immediately jump out at you as they elicit some kind of internal feeling, an association maybe?

This is product branding at its best! So why is branding so important, and what is the connection between branding and say the launch of a new product? You’re about to find out!

Why Brand hey? Whats the big deal?

When you think about it, branding is one of the most important processes of any business. Whether the company is large or small, or simply a  B2B, it is at the forefront of most company marketing strategies.

Creating an effective brand strategy gives you that competitive edge over your competitors in an environment that is constantly changing! If done correctly!


Marketers believe that branding is important because it conveys certain information to customers about the product or service they are selling.

By creating brand associations through a brand name, the logos and colour used on the packaging or even the catchy jingle on the television commercial, the marketer is creating an association that elicits an intangible cognitive and emotional association that the company will leverage to help the company connect with the customer. In turn, that stroll down the grocery isle becomes that much easier as now that brand name you associate with is an assurance of reliable quality and the decision making is made easier!

Take Connoisseur ice cream as an example of branding. The mere definition of  Connoisseur is defined as  a person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in an art, particularly one of the fine arts, or in matters of taste”

Connoisseur claims to “specialize in sophisticated and creative ingredient combinations, delivering an exciting and luxurious eating experience for true ice cream lovers. It’s this passion and pursuit for perfection that is evident in every tub. It’s what makes CONNOISSEUR the leading brand in premium ice cream”  Not only does the name speak volumes, but so does its luxurious and indulgent packaging that conveys its message of a luxury product.Connoisseur_IceCream_Emperor_Nero_280714_28257

Utilising the Brand Umbrella!

Connoisseur has created a name for itself, so when introducing a new product line, why re-brand?

Umbrella branding is used to describe the practice of selling several products under the same brand name. These products can be related or completely unrelated. With an established brand name such as Connoisseur, new product introductions sharing the same name become easier for the customer to recognise, acknowledge and accept.

With successful launches of the 2010  Connoisseur Australian Collection and 2013 Thrill of Taste Selection all using the Connoisseur Brand name and luxurious packaging, 2016 brought a whole new experience to the customer with an all new Branding Strategy.

Branding Strategy: The Brooklyn Collection

 In 2016, Connoisseur partnered up with OddFellows Ice Cream Co, one of the most prominent ice cream parlors in Brooklyn, New York, to create four new flavours that will screen-shot-2016-08-16-at-9-25-28-am.png

take the customer on a Journey throughout the four iconic Neighbourhoods of Brooklyn famous for the tastes depicted in their ice-creams. Why have Connoisseur done this?

Ingredient Branding is the answer! This primary form of Co-Branding adopted by Connoisseur has been utilised to add value to the host product by adding a touch of “New York Flare” to the product. Whilst this may be mutually beneficial to both Connoisseur and OddFellows, and to some degree it is, Connoisseur however remain the dominant brand in this Co-Branding partnership.

So Why Are Connoisseur Expanding Their Product Offering?

How long do you think it will be before you begin to tire of your favorite tub of ice-cream? Its inevitable that at some stage you will get bored with the same old flavor!

The answer is simple. Companies continually strive to improve. And what better way to improve than through offering new goods or services to your customers!


Australians Ice-Cream buying habits 2013 vs 2014

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), July 2012–June 2013 (n=20,267) and July 2013–June 2014 (n=16,809)

Take the above data. In 2013 Connoisseur held the lowest percentage of sales in a four week period compared to its competitors. When you correlate this finding to the launch of the “Thrill of the Taste” range sales have began climbing.

The decline in sales could be attributed to the product life cycle of an ice- cream range.With the initial launch of Connoisseur some 15 years ago, the product has seen its initial market growth, its plateaued maturity and eventually its decline. 

Therefore, taking a Top-Down approach to product development, utilising market knowledge and building on the Connoisseur “brand”of premium ice-cream, the company is again “battling the brands” in the freezer isle of your favorite supermarket.


The Changing Playing Field Of Ingredient Branding

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