Nobby’s Nuts – still THE premium Brand?

by Geraldine Clarke (212248123)

Nobby’s Nuts are an iconic Australian brand that has been around since the 1950’s.

It is a brand that has been associated with quality, as well as with having fun and social drinking.


Nobby’s Nuts has historically been positioned as THE premium branded nut sold in Australia.  

This has been the traditional identity of the brand, or in marketing terms the position.

Who the brand…is in the marketplace vis-à-vis the competition and in the eyes of the customer (Iacobucci 2013, p.53) or;“escalating a brand image in the minds of potential customers.”

STP – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Positioning a product is part of  Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. In the world of marketing, companies use STP to develop a marketing strategy. The “objective is to define itself so that customers see them as it wants to be seen.” Nobby’s Nuts wants to be seen as THE quality nut.

Segmentation & Targeting

Segmentation is a concept that was first introduced by W. Smith in 1956. “The process entails identifying and profiling distinct groups of customers, evaluating the attractiveness of each segment..

Markets can be segmented by numerous characteristics, such as demographic, geographic, psychological, behavioural, lifestyle and event social media!

Once a company has determined the various segments in the market, it then “decides which ones to target.”  Assessing whether a segment would be profitable, whether it will be a good fit and assessing the competition, all help a company choose which segment/s to target. SWOT analysis -assessing strengths, weaknesses, oportunities, threats – also assists with this process. (Iacobucci (2013, p.43-44)

Nobby’s Nuts targets the masses through wide distribution in supermarkets, pubs and venues. They generally focusing on the segments of adults who want quality and also those who want an accompaniment to drinking. In this regard, they also target the pub culture, which can be seen as a niche segment.


Once managers decide whom to target, they need to develop value propositions. These need to highlight how the company’s offer is superior to the competitors’ on the elements that matter the most to the target market (Anderson, Narus, & van Rossum, 2006).


In positioning themselves as the premium brand, Nobby’s pursue a strategy of High Quality / High Price.

Premium Product – Premium Price

customer perceptual map

Quality and Price relative to Competitors


Prices sourced today from  Woolworth’s and Coles Online stores show Nobby’s as the highest priced product, followed by a home-brand products.

 In 2012, one in four sales products sold in supermarkets were cheaper “home brand” labels, according to a Choice spokeswoman.



Promotion & Place

Although a premium product is widely available in supermarkets and pub and other venues all around Australia. Nobby’s has also been advertised widely in the mass media over the years. Although pubs and venue could be a niche market, Nobby’s is a widely available in most pubs and venues, not just an exclusive few!

Are Nobby’s too widely distributed to carry the premium product image?


Perceptual Map – Promotion by Distribution

Whether Nobby’s are too widely distributed matters much less than whether the product lives up to its image!

If you are the higher-cost alternative, make sure your benefits outweigh the low-priced, lower-quality alternative.

If customers perceive that they have been offered a less valuable proposition, they may reduce their spending levels or abandon the company altogether, and engage in negative word of mouth (Homburg et al., 2008).

Recent reviews on Nobby’s products posted on Product reveal that not everyone is happy with the quality of Nobby’s Nuts.




Nobby’s can learn a lot from listening to their customers!

Social media provide a platform for people to share their consumption experiences (Chakrabarti & Berthon, 2012) and, therefore, are a source of rich customer insight (Greenberg, 2010).


It may be time for Nobby’s Nuts to go back to the drawing board!

A fresh SWOT analysis may show that quality is no longer their strength and the threat that supermarkets and other brands pose.

It may highlight untapped opportunities, such as tapping into consumer desires for healthy healthy snacks and new taste sensations.

Nobby’s may be listening to their customers – earlier this year releasing new exotic flavoured products, such as Chilli & Lime Peanut & Cashew and Nobby’s Smokey BBQ Peanut & Cashew Nut Mix !










Iacobucci, D 2013, 2012, MM4 Marketing Management, South Western, Cengage Learning, Mason, OH, USA


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