Kidtopia Not Only For Kids

Clear Approach

Kidtopia is not another Justin Bieber concert; but it has all the essence when analysing Kidtopia “STP”.    It was the teenage market where Justin Bieber attracts one fan to his list, it will eventually turn into two or more ticket sales for his event promoters as most parents had to attend the concert with their teenage daughter or son.




Kidtopia a festival promoted by Fairfax Media’s Life Media & Events division with the support of NSW Government by Destination NSW.  Event will be held at Parramatta Park, Sydney from 7th to 9th October 2016.  Through Kidtopia festival it will not only attract families to the event but it will also contribute to the tourism industry in the NSW. Some sectors to mention that will benefit from the festival is; food and accommodation, airlines, rent a cars, retail and visit to other attractions within NSW.

Essential Kids Kidtopia


What is the Kidtopia Market Segment



As per Fairfax media release, event announcers Kidtopia is an “Must Visit Place” for families from Sydney, regional NSW, interstate and overseas.





Festivals product offering ranging from; live music and entertainment, outdoor cinema, silent disco, fun fair, farmyard animals, sporting activities, arts and crafts, food stalls and masterclasses.

By evaluating the above; clearly demonstrate the organisers of the event aiming to attract visitors to it’s festival from all social and economic classes, national and overseas visitors, through multiple segments while offering multiple product choice.


Target Market of Kidtopia

Main focal point of the Kidtopia Festival is surrounded by the family and the event is primarily targeted at kids with interaction for the whole family in one place.  As per the Fairfax announcement event is expecting to have 6000 visitors over the next three years and contributing $1.43 million local economy.

Event organisers predicts festival will be packed with “Families” from visitors from Australia and overseas and clearly targeting the family unit.


SWOT Analysis


  • Attractive Market
  • Targeting for wider audience
  • NSW Government Presence
  • Strong Market Position for existing visitors to Sydney
  • Local talent


  • Strict Regulations
  • Difficult venue Selection & Parking
  • High Set up Cost
  • High Living Cost
  • Mode of Transport and Congestion


  • Contributes for Local Economy
  • Convert the client base to secondary markets to Sell Other Products & Services. Eg: Selling Real Estate, Education
  • Reputation Build


  • Easy for Competition to Enter Market
  • Liabilities
  • Safety and Security
  • Other Established Markets and Brands for Kids & Family Activities. Eg: Disneyland


kidtopia Festival


Kidtopia festival positioning statement is; “For the festival lover in all of us”.   Positioning statement clearly sits well with its target market.  Kidtopia website identifies three main categories as key benefits for attending the event such as; “Live Music, Good Food and Family Fun”.  As per the media release Kidtopia festival is aiming to build Australia’s pre-eminent kids and family festival in Western Sydney.


Price Charged

TICKET TYPE                                                                    FUNFAIR EARLY BIRD OFFER (FIRST 1000)

 Adults 18+                                                                          $15 (includes one free fun fair ride)

Kids 5-17                                                                             $10 (includes one free fun fair ride)

4 and under                                                                       FREE (includes one free fun fair ride)

  • The first 1000 ticket holders receive 50% off the door price plus one free fun fair ride


TICKET TYPE                                                                      PRE-BOOK AND SAVE 50%

Adults 18+                                                                               $15 ($30 at the door)

Kids 5-17                                                                                 $10 ($20 at the door)

4 and under                                                                                          FREE

Add-On:                                                                                  $25 (save $10 off door price)
Unlimited Rides 

Add On: Single Rides                                                           $5 (at the door only)



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