The ‘Boy From Oz’ Joins the ‘Spirit of Australia’

Joseph Andrew Mangione,  Student ID: 216022759,

On September 12th 2015, Australia’s National airline Qantas announced their newest global ambassador will be the one and only, ‘Boy From Oz’, Hugh Jackman, and what a great choice he is.


Hugh Jackman is seen as one of Australia’s great exports. Some might even classify him as a great Aussie brand. So it definitely makes sense to see these two iconic Australian Brands teaming up.

But what is it that makes Qantas a great Aussie Brand and one of the strongest brands in Australia? First let’s look at the Qantas logo. Hugh Jack sums it up nicely in the following clip… “like all Aussies I get a real left whenever I see the famous red tail and kangaroo logo no matter where I am in the world”



This is a great example of Ivan Pavlov theory of Classic Condition. Over time the Qantas name has become a name that is assimilated with quality and prestige. The logo also creates a feel a feeling that Hugh has himself, “I get a real lift” (Hugh Jackman, 2015). Australians constantly see Qantas as one of Australia’s great brands and icons. A report done by ANU (Australian National University) during the union battles in 2011-2012, indicate “the Qantas heritage is still remarkably robust. This includes the passengers and travel agents who think that Qantas is a great airline, who still trust it, and who speak highly of it. In the survey of 748 air passengers and 363 travel agents or intermediaries, Qantas rated highly for reliability and service, along with general brand respect and trust” (Fraser 2012). Qantas is a brand that is etched into Australians heritage and culture and is extremely relatable to Australians and so is its Logo.


Frequent Flyers, Qantas (2016)


Another tool that’s made Qantas such a successful brand and company is the use of their loyalty Qantas Frequent flyer Program. “With over 10 million members earning Qantas Points through hundreds of partners, Qantas Frequent Flyer is ever evolving. Our goal is to recognise and reward our members” (Qantas Loyalty, 2016). Also if we compare Qantas Frequent flyer program to Skinners Operant Conditioning theory; just like Skinner used Pigeons to show that learning occurs by positive reinforcing behaviour, Qantas frequent flyer points are earned over time through loyalty programs and spending, and consumers are rewarded with flights, upgrades or other rewards. This creates a positive assimilation and creates stronger brand loyalty. Hey who doesn’t like getting Upgrades and free flights.

Qantas, Flying High In The Hierarchy of Needs!

maslow-pyramid (1)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,

When looking at Qantas and consumer motivation we can take a leaf out of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. First we need to satisfy our most basic ‘Physiological needs’. We work our way to the top of Self actualisation, “an achievement of our ideal self without no needs or excessive wants” (Iacobucci, 2013). Qantas fits into this Hierarchy on a number of levels.


If we work our way up, our first stop for Qantas on the hierarchy is safety. Qantas is world renowned for its safety record to the point where it was made infamous in the movie ‘Rain Man’


(Rain Man, 1988)


Even though this is a bit of a myth (Qantas had some fatalities but all prior to 1951) the perception alone is reason consumers would choose to fly Qantas over other airlines. Hey just see how Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) feels about Qantas in the movie ‘rain man’.

Qantas does though have a fantastic safety record and is constantly regarded as the safest airline in the world. Qantas safety record is one way it defines itself in the airline industry and is one it uses to align itself with consumers needs and motivations for safety.


As we move up the hierarchy the consumer motivation begins to becomes more psychological. We get to ‘Belongingness and love needs’ as well as ‘Esteem’. Aussies definitely relate to Qantas on an intimate level. They are our National Carrier and Qantas embraces itself as Australia’s airline. Even the company’s slogan “The Spirit of Australia” (Qantas, 2016), is designed to connect with consumers on an intimate level. This intimate relationship is one a lot of Australian consumers have with the brand and one that adds to the brands success.


Finally, we move to the top and this is where Qantas really shines. Qantas is seen as a high quality premium brand. I myself am happy to spend the extra dollars to fly Qantas especially on long Haul flights, say when I fly to the USA. The fact that they constantly price themselves slightly higher than competitors shows they are confident that their prestige and service is valued by consumers and aligns with the consumer’s motivation at the Self Actualisation level.


Picked Random dates for search. Retrieved 1st August 2016.

Qantas is an airline that has stood the test of time. Its an airline that’s safe, intimate, warm and genuine. So it seems fitting that such an iconic Australian brand and icon would be teaming up with one of Australia’s most successful stories and highly regarded performers who comes across sharing the same values. Some things just work and when I think of some truly iconic Australian things I think of Meat Pies, Lamingtons, AFL, Hugh Jackman and Qantas.


This is one partnership I can really see “taking off!”




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