Distinguishing the good from the Sh**z

Vinomofo has become the type of brand that you want to have a laugh with, share your favourite wine with and importantly buy wine from. Since its relaunch in 2013, Vinomofo has not only built an exclusive wine club and cut out the middleman, it has obtained your trust, became your friend and also made buying and reordering wine easy.

How do I know what the ‘Fo to buy?
The wine world shouldn’t intimidating! It should be the entrée to your roast lamb by the fire… But with almost 2,500 wine producers Australia-wide and 30 billion litres of wine produced worldwide, you can understand why consumers are experiencing ‘purchase anxiety’.

Founders of Vinomofo, Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier, understands the complexity when it comes to buying wine. Influenced by inflated prices and a saturated market, they decided narrow the consideration set themselves and help to make the purchase phase really easy (Iacobucci, 2014). These self-proclaimed ‘wine geeks’ only sell wines that they love, hence the beautiful amalgamation of reducing consumer choice and trusting credible opinion.

Author of ‘The Paradox of Choice’, Barry Schwartz likens the dreaded feeling of choosing between the 2,500 wine labels with paralysis. With the abundance of choices in the market, it produces paralysis rather than liberation. And with so many options to choose from, people find it difficult to choose at all (refer to the 8:00 min mark).

(I won’t go into it here but Schwartz goes on to explain that even if we manage to overcome paralysis, we often end up less satisfied with the result, even if it were a good one. This is due to fear of what could’ve been (opportunity costs) and escalations of expectations.)

Too many grapes in the bottle and making it easy…
No longer are bottle shops boutique corner stores. Bottle shops have become Bunnings-esk, stocked with wines from all over the globe, every region, vintage, grape and part blend. Broniarczyk & Griffin add to Schwatz’s point that while large assortments of goods offers freedom of choice and the opportunity to experience new product, these same factors make it near impossible to formulate and back a decision.

So how does Vinomofo do it? It offers you the ‘Magnificent 7 box set’ or entry into their membership clubs, making the purchase consideration really easy.

These exclusive clubs, ‘the cube’ or ‘The Original Club’, means that you really don’t need to think at all! As a member of The Original Club, you’ll get a dozen hand-selected vino – red, white, or mixed – curated to your personal taste, delivered free of charge to your door every 3 months.


A blend of your own
In 2014, Forbes Magazine said that personalisation was going to shape consumer behaviour in the years to come. “Personalization has been taken out of the hands and tastes of consumers. This is not just bespoke you select – it is also bespoke that selects you,” (Barkworth, 2014).

Smart technology has made it possible for Vinomofo to provide a personalised experience to its now 400,000 members. Earlier this year, cofounder Justin Dry, spoke with GQ Magazine about the companies custom-built software which uses a ‘purchase propensity model’ to help determine what a visitor to its site will most likely want to hear about or buy online.

“All our offers are tailored to browsing history, purchasing behaviour, where customers are visiting on the site, what they are looking at,” Dry said.

Instead of sending customers generic ‘deal a day’ emails, Vinomofo can push its selection of wine offers out to the people they are suited for. If you like a Sauvignon Blanc, chances are you’ll hear if there’s any deals on good ones.

The website, likewise, adapts itself to individual users. With each visit, click or scroll, Vinomofo’s technology is working to better the customer experience.


(How do they know I like red wine!?)

Sounds complex right. Well it is! But the brilliance behind this technology means a better customer experience, hence improved likelihood of purchase satisfaction, WOM referrals and repeat purchases.

A 2006 Bain study suggested that “reducing complexity and narrowing choice can boost revenues by 5-40% and cut costs by 10-35%.” So not only is Vinomofo improving customer experience, it’s also potentially improving the bottom line.

On a side note: I had a look more fun writing this than I thought I would. And I ended up with a dozen of Australia’s finest… Cheers!


Author: Lucy Vadasz (900286226)

Unlinked references:

Iacobucci, D. (2014) Marketing Management (MM), 4th Edition, South-Western, Cenage Learning, Mason, Chapter 2, Customer Behaviour and Chapter 14, Customer Satisfaction and Relationships.


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