Beer is out, Burpees are in! Why getting fit like a celebrity is the new craze.

In the last few years, the fitness craze has dominated our social pages, and the streets. Younger people seem to be choosing the bar at the gym, rather than the ones that charge you an hour’s wage for one drink.

Young adults these days are drinking much less than the previous generation ten years ago. Zoe Williams from The Guardian believes that this new trend of Lycra wearing, organic eating, and health obsession “has got to them all, like a cult”. Yes, I too am a self confessed gym addict, who chooses a green juice over a beer any day. Excuse me if I want to be healthy and feel good. I would much rather wake up and go for a walk along the beach, than wake up with a hangover.

Celebrities are all about keeping fit these days

This wave of health lovers has been moulded from an array of trends, many of which have had an incredible amount of celebrity endorsements (many of whom have their own supplement products and aren’t even qualified nutritionists). Fitness trainers are becoming celebrity superstars, with millions of followers on Instagram. Gyms are in demand, and are continuing to grow. One in particular is F45, a gym that provides an array of team training, that is life changing. The program has been used by celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, and Australia’s own Hugh Jackman.

Rob Deutsch, founder of F45

In 2012, the founder of F45, Rob Deutsch, was left with a redundancy cheque just after the GFC. His plan of attack? Set up a gym in Sydney with only $100,000. Seems like an incredibly risky move, but Rob could see a market for those who were seeking a challenge for their fitness routines. Four years later, this fitness guru has now seen around 500 F45 gym franchisees open in Australia, Europe, the US, Canada and Asia.

Traditionally, gyms have been a part of volatile industry. Only a few years ago, gyms were shutting down and running into debt. In 2012, Fitness First was preparing to shut down many of their Australian gyms due to a $900 million global debt.

What sets F45 apart from everyone else?

What sets F45 apart from the other gyms is their unique approach to providing fitness classes to their members. Limited class sizes allow their members to feel as though they are receiving a personal training lesson for only a fraction of the price. They understand that not everyone can afford $100 for a personal training session, and why should they? F45 has found a way to capture a market, and achieved cost leadership.

Daniel Conn training Laura Suckling from the southern Courier’s

In 2014, F45 chose Daniel Conn, a former NRL Roosters player to become the face and ambassador for the company. Daniel was a perfect fit for the company, as he was well known and respected in the Sydney community, especially in the Eastern Suburbs. His addition was the start of many sports professionals signing up as franchisees. Other sports people such as Wallaby stars Stephen Hoiles, Adam Ashley Cooper and Mitchell Chapman have bought into the F45 franchise. Some other sports people who now have F45 as their training home include many Australian athletes and celebrities including rugby league players Nate Myles, Jarryd Hayne and Willie Tonga and model Nicole Trunfio.

Having so many sports people and celebrities becoming widely associated with the gym, has placed the franchise as a product leader, and a unique innovator in the fitness industry. There is really no other gym out there that is producing such quality training opportunities as F45 is to their members. Gyms such as Fitness First run fitness classes, but many of them are not capped. So many of the members are left like sardines, inhaling the body odour of their neighbour, or missing out on that last yoga mat. Outdoor classes are, well, outdoor and can be very weather dependent, and have limited bathroom facilities.

F45 has also found an ingenious way of not only challenging their members in each class, but also their members across the entire network, by introducing challenges such as the ‘ F45 Playoffs’. Having such challenges in place, F45 is setting a larger goal for their clients. It allows members to focus on getting fitter, challenge one another, build a brand new community, and have the chance to win money in the process. Now, isn’t that a great motivator!


Lauren Delahoy



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